CFAS Free Astronomy Library

last update 2003

365 Starry Nights Raymo ??
A Field Guide to the Stars & Planets Menzel 1964
A Guide to Astromicroscopy Bissette, Sam 1994
A Man on the Moon Chaiken, Andrew 1998
An Astromicroscopy Study of the Southern Hemisphere Sky Bissette, Sam 1995
Astronomy - From the earth to the Universe Pasachoff 1987
Astronomy, 10th Edition Baker, Frederick 1976
ATM Journals (Amateur Telescope Makers Assn.)
vol. 2-6, 8,9
ATM 2000
Beyond the Solar System Parker, Bertha Morris 1953
Black Holes, Quasars and the Universe Shipman 1976
Burnham's Celestial Handbook, vols. 1, 2, 2, 3 Burnham ??
Catalog of Cometary Orbits Marsden, Brian 1983
CCD Astrophotography Carrasco, John M. ??
Color Time-Life 1978
Comet Sagan, Carl, & Druyan, Ann 1985
Contact Sagan, Carl 1980
Contact Sagan, Carl 1980
Contact (VHS video) Sagan, Carl 1980
Cosmic Adventure Sagan, Carl 1982
Cosmic Adventure Berman, Bob ??
Cosmos Sagan, Carl 1985
Deep Sky Observing with Small Telescopes Eicher, David J. 1989
Exploring Earth & Universe Asimov, Isaac ??
Genesis- The Origins of Man and the Universe Gribben, John 1981
How to Use an Astronomical Telescope Muirden, James 1985
Jupiter, the Giant Planet Beebe, Reta 1997
Life: How Did it get Here? ??
Messier Marathon Observers Guide and Atlas Macholtz, Don ??
Messier Objects - A Beginners Guide Machun & Wheatley ??
Observe - The Herschel Objects Ancient City Astronomers Club ??
Outer Space Photography for the Amateur Paul, Henry 1960
Photo Guide to the Constellations ??
Planetary Nebulae Hynes, Stephen J. 1991
Report of the HST Strategy Panel: Strategy for Recovery Brown 1990
Russian Optics Catalog ( set of 3 ) ??
Sky Atlas 2000 Skyshooting, Photography for Amateur Astronomers Mayall 1968
Sky Atlas 2000, Companion ??
Sky Catalog 2000 ??
Space Randolph, Ian 1981
Starware, 2nd Edition Harrington, Phillip ??
Stephen Hawking's Universe Filken, David ??
Supernova 1987A in the Large Magellenic Cloud Kafatos, Michalitsianos 1987
Tapes of the Night Sky ( audio cassettes) ASP ??
The Messier Objects O'Meara, Stven J. 1998
The Practical Astronomer Jones, Brian 1990
The Universe Asimov, Isaac 1966
To the Edge of the Universe, Exploration of Outer Space by NASA NASA 1986
Touring the Universe Through Binoculars ( CD ROM) ??
Voyage Through the Universe: Galaxies Time-Life 1988
What if the Moon Didn't Exist? Comins, Neal ??