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CFAS Members can submit files or photographs for consideration to upload onto our Knowledge Base page by forwarding them to: . Please include a description of what you're sending. Files size should be kept reasonable. Astrophotos may be weeded out occasionally to make room for new ones.

Cape Fear Astro Library

The club library is currently under care of our librarian Ben Steelman. Feel free to look through the list of items, and contact Ben if you'd like to borrow any.


The current Constitution, adopted 13 Dec 2021. (20kb HTML file)

A superceded CFAS Constitution - Version adopted December 2020 . (A 64kb HTML file.)

A superceded CFAS Constitution - Version dated December 12, 2016. (A 64kb HTML file.)

Superseded version of the CFAS Constitution - Version dated February 3, 2015. (A 64kb HTML file.)

Superseded version of the CFAS Constitution - From dated June 5, 2005. (.RFT 29kb)

CFAS Messier Marathon Order List - by John Canaday, Terry Herrin and Tom Jacobs. (.html 110kb - landscape)

CFAS Logo in color - by Ron Hawes. (.jpg 181kb)
For files with higher resolution, no background, or different file versions, ask on the list server.


Mooretown Site Composite - Composite photo (360 degrees) of new viewing site taken 3/2005 by Tom Jacobs (.jpg 210kb)

Transit of Venus 6/8/04, CFAS - Group photo at daybreak by Susan (.jpg 31kb)

Transit of Venus 6/8/04 - Captured by Tom Jacobs on video.(.jpg 50kb)

Transit of Venus 6/8/04 - Taken by Harry Akkerman and Robert Price (who assisted Sam Bissette with photos for Astromicroscopy of the Southern Hemisphere) taken at Sunset in Victoria, Australia with an 8" Newtonian and webcam (54 frames stacked to a single photo). (.jpg 15kb)

Transit of Venus 6/8/04 - Digital photo by Billy Kidney (.jpg 18kb)

Transit of Venus 6/8/04 - Digital photo by Billy Kidney (.jpg 15kb)

Transit of Venus 6/8/04, Third Contact - Digital photo by Billy Kidney (.jpg 34kb)

Comet Neat - Digital photo by Billy Kidney (.jpg 67kb)

Lunar Eclipse 5/15/03, Multiple exposures - by Buist Langley (.jpg 13kb) First picture was at the start of entering the eclipse, 10:04 PM ET. Subsequent pictures taken 18 minutes apart, the fifth when it entered totality. 80mm Short Tube (f/5) in prime focus with Fuji 400 film. The exposure times, respectively were 1/1000, 1/500, 1/500, 1/250, and 2 secs.

Lunar Eclipse 5/15/03, Composite - by Daniel Flohr (.jpg 38kb)

Lunar Eclipse 5/15/03, Partial - by Daniel Flohr (.jpg 9kb)

Lunar Eclipse 5/15/03, Partial - by Daniel Flohr (.jpg 14kb)

Lunar Eclipse 5/15/03, Coming out of Totality - by Daniel Flohr (.jpg 84kb)

NGC 6781 - by John Canaday and Terry Herrin, taken at Kitt Peak in 2001. The SEDS online interactive NGC catalog uses their image for this object. (.jpg 21kb)

Terry Herrin in front of the Tectron 30" - by John Canaday, taken on thier New Mexico observing trip in Spring 2003. This would be before John broke his ankle. (.jpg 176kb)

Sun in H-alpha 7/9/06 3:15 pm - Photo by Rich Williams using a Coronado PST and the Celestron NexImage solar system, stacked and processed with RegiStax. (.jpg 22kb)

Solar Eclipse 8/11/99, Germany - Prominences at 2nd Contact, by John Buccini (.jpg 102kb)

Prominences 11-18-02 - Prominences in h-alpha, by John Buccini (.jpg 37kb)

Prominence 02-22-04 - Very large prominence in h-alpha, by John Buccini. Unrecorded by any major solar observatories, and SOHO was down that day.(.jpg 42kb)